Clash of Clans Town Hall 9

Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 was very first released on 27/10/12.

We will explain what the best upgrades are for Town Hall 9 in Clash of Clans and how the base will benefit from each of them.

The upgrade order is important because it will allow you to raid more efficiently and protect your hard earned resources from attacking players.

TH9 Upgrade Priority

The upgrade order for Town Hall 9 is:

  1. Laboratory
  2. Clan Castle
  3. Army Camps
  4. Spell Factory
  5. Dark Spell Factory
  6. Dark Elixir Drills
  7. Dark Elixir Storage
  8. Archer Queen
  9. Barbarian
  10. X-Bow
  11. Skeleton Traps
  12. Hidden Teslas
  13. Wizard Towers
  14. Mortars
  15. Air Defense
  16. Archer Tower
  17. Bomb Tower
  18. Cannons
  19. Walls

We suggest adding all of the new buildings to your base before you start upgrading your current buildings. The most important new building to add at Town Hall 9 is the Archer Queen. It’s a new hero unit that you’ll unlock and in our opinion it’s the best unit in the game. Focus on getting the Archer Queen added as soon as possible.

TH9 Upgrade Summary

We recommend choosing the Laboratory building as your first Town Hall 9 upgrade. It’s got several important upgrades for your troops that will really help with farming, wars and trophy pushing. We have a more detailed guide about the Laboratory upgrades mentioned below on this page.

There’s two reasons why the Clan Castle is an important upgrade at this level. The first is that the building can be used in offensive and defensive raids. By upgrading the building you’re improving your overall strength. The second reason is that the increase in housing space will now allow you to have any unit in your Clan Castle. Town Hall 9 is the first level where you can bring Golems and Lava Hounds.

We’ve put Army Camps high in the upgrade order because they’ll really improve your offensive strength. The Army Camps will let you bring more troops during a raid which increases your chances of winning the attack.

The Spell Factory will unlock a new spell and also increase the storage capacity of the building when it’s upgraded. The Jump Spell is the new spell that will be unlocked. It lets your troops jump over walls when it’s placed on the ground. The extra storage capacity will let you bring an extra spell to a raid.

The Dark Spell Factory will unlock the Haste Spell when it’s upgraded. The spell will increase the movement speed of your troops when it’s used during a raid.

The hero unit upgrade order is a little tricky at Town Hall 9 because you’ve just unlocked the Archer Queen. You’ll want to get her caught up to your Barbarian King as soon as possible. Once she’s on the same level you’ll then want to alternate upgrading the Queen and King every 5 levels. The hero units get more powerful spells every 5 levels (10, 15, 20, ect) so you’ll want to upgrade either the Queen or King to the next spell level before upgrading the other unit. Here’s an example of the upgrade priority for the heroes.

  1. Upgrade Queen to 10
  2. Upgrade King to 10
  3. Upgrade Queen to 15
  4. Upgrade King to 15

The Skeleton Traps are useful to distract an attacker. Sometimes enemy units will focus on the Skeletons that spawn for too long and will be killed by your defensive towers.

Walls are a great building to upgrade when you have extra resources. Focus on upgrading them as much as possible in between your other upgrades.

TH9 Laboratory Upgrade Priority

The Laboratory upgrade order for Town Hall 9 is:

  1. Archer
  2. Barbarian
  3. Giant
  4. Healing Spell
  5. Golem
  6. Hog Rider
  7. Poison Spell
  8. Earthquake Spell
  9. Wizard
  10. Balloon
  11. Lava Hound
  12. Minion
  13. Witch

We’ve included the major upgrades at Town Hall 9 but this list is not all-encompassing. The list is focused on the major upgrades to pick up at this level.

TH9 Laboratory Upgrade Summary

The Archer and the Barbarian are your core farming troops at Town Hall 9. They’re cheap and fast to build so they’re perfect units for farming. We recommend focusing on these upgrades first because they’ll be a big help in gaining resources faster.

Bases will start to get more difficult to raid at this level. Giants are a big help with farming because they’ll allow you to attack stronger bases. They’ll tank damage and allow your other troops to stay alive longer during a raid.

The Healing Spell will benefit farming as well as several war army compositions. We recommend upgrading the spell after your core farming units. This will start the transition towards upgrading units that are geared more towards wars and trophy pushing.

The Golem is used a lot for wars and trophy pushing. It’s really important to upgrade it as soon as possible because of how often it’s used in strong army compositions.

Game updates can change the strength of army compositions. In the current state of the game, ground units are the best choice for Town Hall 9. Balloons, Lava Hounds and Minions are important to upgrade because their strength and potential can change in the future.

The Witch is not used too often at this level but it becomes very important at Town Hall 10. This upgrade is important in preparing you for wars and trophy pushing once you upgrade to the next Town Hall.